Set-up and Configuration

​Athena Bookkeeping Services, LLC

QuickBooks is an accounting program that can help small to mid-sized businesses collect, understand and document their financial information more efficiently.

To take advantage of QuickBooks’ benefits, an organization must know how to set-up the program, operate it, maintain it and monitor its use to ensure it is being used correctly.  Additionally, the people using QuickBooks must be trained to ensure they record transactions correctly.

Athena Bookkeeping Services, LLC can help you set-up QuickBooks so that is it optimally configured for your business.

Here are areas which require attention during QuickBooks set-up:

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Employees
  • Sales


Accounts Receivable 


  • Purchases


Accounts Payable


  • Projects and Jobs
  • Expenses
  • Banking
  • Sales Tax
  • Reports:



Balance Sheet 

Income Statement

We can help you navigate through this and other elements of QuickBooks so that your QuickBooks system is operating optimally for your business.