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​Athena Bookkeeping Services, LLC

To meet the needs of different size organizations which span different industries, QuickBooks is available in different versions or products.

How effectively QuickBooks meets the needs of a business can depend upon which QuickBooks version – and there are a lot to choose from - you select for your business.

For instance, QuickBooks Online is available in versions with limited functionality with a need for few users to a robust product for larger businesses, and can be accessed from any browser with an Internet connection.  QuickBooks also comes in desktop versions.

The version of QuickBooks which is best for your business may depend on the size of your business and its number of employees, and how you would like to manage your business.

Athena Bookkeeping Services, LLC can help you select the QuickBooks version which is most appropriate and most cost-effective for your business.

Here are the different products and versions:

QuickBooks (Windows) Desktop Versions                         QuickBooks Online Versions

  • QuickBooks Pro                                                          ●     Self-Employed
  • QuickBooks Premier                                                    ●     Simple Start
  • QuickBooks Enterprise                                                ●     Essentials  

Industry Editions                                                                 ●     Plus

General Business Edition                                                   ●     Advanced

Contractor Edition                                                               

Manufacturing & Wholesale Edition

Non-Profit Edition

Professional Services Edition

Retail Edition


Advanced Pricing

Advanced Inventory

  • Quickbooks for Mac