QuickBooks Consulting Services and Bookkeeping

​Athena Bookkeeping Services, LLC

What is QuickBooks?

Athena Bookkeeping Services, LLC offers QuickBooks consulting services, and bookkeeping, to small and medium sized businesses.

We use best practice checklists and 3rd party applications

in an effort to provide you with best bookkeeping and

QuickBooks services possible.

Our objective is your complete satisfaction.  Athena Bookkeeping Services, LLC is headquartered in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

​QuickBooks is an accounting program, delivered through Microsoft Windows or over the Web, which helps small businesses manage their finances.

QuickBooks helps businesses record financial transactions and events, and summarize this information in balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows formats.     

Using information collected by QuickBooks, you can potentially create financial ratios which can help management find:

  • hidden financial problems
  • misclassified transactions and other errors in its accounting system
  • important financial developments before they unfold which can help increase profits or eliminate problems before they become serious.